Friday 16 July 2010

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

The answer is (all together now):

One Bite At A Time!

But what's that got to do with anything?

Well, sometimes people look at their lives and conclude that every aspect of it seems horrible. Being human, we tend to feel despondent and defeated, which of course, can make things worse.

So how do you set about changing that? Where do you start?

A key first step is to look at each element of your situation, and assess it for good and bad, and give it a score out of 10.

Areas might be:
  • health
  • family
  • social life
  • work
  • partner
  • environment
  • spiritual life
Then ask yourself:
"if I could fix ONE of these areas, thinking about how they relate to eachother, which one would bring the best positive change to my life?"
There are big benefits to this approach:
  1. It gets the miseries out of your worrying mind, and on to paper, where they can be scrutinised for accuracy, revised and improved over time.
  2. Once their "out there" you'll feel like you got relieved of a burden and the beginnings of control returning.
  3. By choosing one area - one bite at a time - it's more manageable - you can get enough traqction to make a difference.
If you're too emotionally low, with little energy and lots of pessimism, then you may struggle to take even these steps. In that case, coaching would really help you; our calls are filled with positive energy, a little humour when appropriate, no pressure and lots of creativity.

But if you can summon up enough energy to do this, then really good things can emerge.

Good Luck!

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