Wednesday 15 December 2010


Human beings can "do" logic - we know that two plus two equals four - but logic does not usually determine our behaviour. We eat the wrong things, resist exercise, keep dating the wrong people, and so on. I've likened this to being sat in the passenger seat of a car with a maniac behind the wheel. You can keep screaming at him "YOU'RE HEADING OFF A CLIFF!!!" - but he doesn't listen.

To a large extent this is the human condition. Why?

Well, it's because we have two "thinking engines" in our heads. One is the intellectual mind, of logic, deduction and reason. The other comes from our animal origins - I call it our "monkey brain". It is driven by instinct and emotions. It is not rational, but annoyingly - it usually wins any argument you might have with it. IT is behind the wheel, controlling our life. Much of what I do for my clients in coaching is in this area.

Today, though. I thought it might be fun to invite people to confess some of the bizarre rituals which they put themselves through. These evidence the work of our monkey brains, so if you're doubting you've got one, this is especially for you.

I'll start us of with a couple of my own, but I'm only fessing up to a couple - so I'll show you mine, but only if you show me yours!

See the confessions, and join the debate here.

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