Tuesday 16 February 2010

Cold, Old, Underwear & Warm Porridge

Firstly, that ain't me, right? That looks to me like a WWII haircut, and a WWII hut. Odd actually, as I've just got back from Bletchley Park, (the world war two place where they cracked the Enigma device) and, anticipating long periods of being outside in the cold, and being elligible for Saga holidays these days, I've invested in a full set of (oh, the shame) Long Johns - as illustrated above - which I wore.

Anyway - there's an odd downside to wearing Long Johns which I discovered today. They're great outside in the cold. Snug and toastie. But inside, after a while, you feel like you've filled your trousers with warm porridge. Not terminal, I assume, but I felt it was important to share that with you ... Now then, have a nice afternoon :o)

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