Wednesday 21 September 2011

Living a Life Full of Energy

Hello T.

So you'd like to "live a life filled with energy". What a lovely phrase!

The first thing I would say is to flesh that out with really specific, concrete goals.

What would a life full of energy look like?
Where would that life be based? (Where would you live?)
Who would be around you? If you can't give names, give attributes - ages, genders, income brackets, personal characteristics, etc.
How would you earn your living?
How much would you earn?
How would you spend it?

Some of these things will be of no concern to you - other important things will be missing from this list - so this has to come from you. Sometimes it's easier if you look at the things you DON'T like and flip them upside down.

Pessimism (also known as "realism") may creep in, corroding your creativity, and your energy. Try to keep them at bay.

The trick is to grow a vision which excites and inspires you but which you can also believe could be yours. If you don't really believe it, you're unlikely to invest massively in it, and that is what is required to get it.

Coaching helps with that by providing a weekly coaching framework to set homework, check progress, keep motivation up and deal with any negative emotions or destructive beliefs arising.

You can do a lot of that for yourself though - especially if you have like-minded friends who will energise and support you. You can get more support by staying physically very active, reducing stress where you can, reading inspirational books, and so on. The big thing to realise is that failing motivation will be the major risk for you, in all of this. The world is unlikely to roll over and play dead - giving you what you want when you snap your fingers. So you'll see a lot of "failure" (also known as "feedback") - and you'll need to push through. And - things will get a little less bad from time to time - excellent opportunities to let the Big Plan slip away - until things get rough again. Now you're many months older and right back where you were. Ugh.

There are lots more ideas for staying on track on my website and in my books and free newsletters. And of course, I'm here to help if you're that way inclined.

Good Luck in finding your lovely life full of energy!

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