Tuesday 14 September 2010

Crib Sheet for a Happy Life

A dear friend sent me a link to this YouTube video today. The description says:
The illustrations and the captions are  from the book "Be Happy: A Little Book to Help You Live a Happy Life" (2007) by Monica Sheehan. The music is "Cuore di Sabbia" (Sand Heart) by Pasquale Catalano, from the soundtrack of the movie "Mine Vaganti" (2010) (Loose Cannons) directed by Ferzan Ozpetek
The message is wonderful in its insightful simplicity. You might want to take a copy and put it somewhere prominent for a time. Even better, put bits of it in your diary and act on them regularly. Diaries are as great way to stitch dreams into your realisty - to good intentions into good actions. Why not allocate each one to its own week; have a "selt goals" week, a "dance" week, and so on? Some area easier to translate into dated doables than others, and those that aren't could be turned into awareness raisers - like a PostIt note on your bathroom mirror.

Be creative, have fun, and (yes, it's in the list) don't beat yourself up.
Be happy
Show up
Follow your heart
Find a new perspective
Have a sense of wonder...
Find people you love...
Set goals
Help Others
Pamper yourself...
Face your fears...
Go to a museum
Limit television
Get in touch with nature
Lighten up
Get a good night's sleep
Read books
Buy yourself flowers
Don't compare yourself with others
Don't beat yourself up
Be open to new ideas
Don't focus on negative thoughts...
...Focus on creating what you desire
Make time just to have fun
Keep the romance in your life
Make a gratitude list
Love your Mother Earth
Want what you have
Be true to yourself