Wednesday 17 November 2010

Would You Lie to You??

Hello Glyn,

Your "no time" explanation is an example of a thing our minds do to us to trap us. We give ourselves reasons not to do a thing and thereby avoid doing it, which protects our ego from something (usually a fear - a False Expectation Appearing Real). But we often substitute a false reason for the real one in order to again, protect our ego. This process is not done consciously.

So in your case, it cannot literally be true that you do not have the time for coaching. We all have the same time - 24 hours per day - the only difference is what we choose to do with it - and really - every second of it is a real choice.

People sometimes get angry at this point, but try this on for size - imagine you dropped dead. Now every second that you feel is inevitably spent as it must be - would NOT be spent in that way. See how the sky remains up there? Winds blow, rain falls, the Earth spins on. Everything you do is non-essential. It is optional. The trick is to make conscious choices about what to do with your time.

What is this "no time" pseudo-reason for then? Well, it's protecting your ego. Something about coaching is worrying for some part of you. Perhaps you think it'll fail or - even worse - succeed. Where would you be if it worked? Maybe you'd be forced to see some things which part of you would rather keep buried.

This is challenging stuff, and it sometimes takes quite a while (years even) to accept that it's really going on. Once you see it, you'll see it at work in many aspects of your life. If that prospect sounds scary it needn't. You can choose to continue just as you are - you'll always be in charge, but it should be the conscious you - not the un-conscious you - that makes the decisions.

See if you can have fun finding and removing your blindfold.