Monday 8 August 2011

I have no commitment - so Life Coaching is Pointless. Right?

Hello Anne,

I noticed your comment about not having coaching because of your lack of commitment.

I often say, I coach real people with all their flaws - not perfect versions of those people.

Coaching is all about succeeding with a client despite their challenges. I mentioned briefly how I'd start - with clear goals you can believe in. But that's just the start. Almost inevitably, things don't go smoothly in coaching - it's an untidy business, and I'm OK with that.

If you come back and say "well, Chris, what do you know - I haven't done anything I said I would" - then that's were we are, and that's what we deal with. It's never about laziness - it's always about FEAR of some kind, and so that's what we work in - in ways which aren't frightening.

When you remove the fear, you uncover the focus, drive and enthusiasm in all of us, and they can carry you through to your goals.

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