Monday 10 October 2011

Are You a Big Spender - who can't afford it?

Hi J,

I see this is a long-standing goal, and one which duplicates an earlier goal, so you've struggled for quite a while on this one. Here are some thoughts for you.

Persistent problems come down to habit, and they are difficult to remove. But not impossible.

My ideas for you are these:

1. Find a talisman to remind you that things are going to be different

2. Get to the root of EXACTLY what it is that you do or don't do - which is perpetuating your financial problems. If it's spending on things you don't need, for example, then find out exactly what things it is.

3. Find what motivates you to do this - what's in it for you? Be very specific.

4. Spend a long time - perhaps over a week or so - considering this benefit versus the benefit of removing this behaviour.

5.Isolate what it is that you could have if you stopped this behaviour. What would sorting out your finances mean for your life?

6. Come up with two symbols which are the essence of the two benefits - the one you get when you spend irrationally (say) and the one you'd get if you consistently didn't. Again, spend lots of time on this, to ensure you hit the nail on the head in a way which really motivates you strongly.

7. Using your talisman, associate these conflicting benefits together at the time and place where you do your spending. Recognise that - in this place, at this time - you are making or breaking the habit which doesn't serve you. FEEL the benefit you could have if you adopted the new behaviour instead of the old one.

The hope and expectation is that, this will help you to find the willpower to dissolve the old habit.

I've had lots of success using this method with clients, but I usually have to tailor it to specific clients foibles and circumstances.

I hope you find that useful, and I wish you well with it!

Take care of yourself,

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1 comment:

  1. I am most definitely one to spend more than I make - in fact, I don't even make anything, I'm a student!
    I think advertising definitely works against our minds in this context - it gives us motivation as to why we do NEED these things in our life rather than why we need the unspent money in our lives - something that we need to force our minds to work on.
    What I would say is - and this may sound silly - when I DON'T focus on how skint I am, money seems to appear and I never seem to run out completely. Kind of like faith in abundance. I find when you count every penny and deny yourself things it only acknowledges the fact to yourself that you aren't in a comfortable position financially.

    Steph xx