Tuesday 11 September 2012

Who Really Does it All for Themselves?

One of the dominant reasons why people resist life coaching is the feeling that it represents some kind of personal failure.

Thoughts like:

"I should be able to do it myself!"

"coaching is like counselling for the needy"
- abound. (Lots I could say about the second one especially).

Well, the truth is that the VAST MAJORITY OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE in many walks of life hire coaches to get there, or to stay there, or to cope there.

Here's Google CEO Eric Schmidt talking about why he hired his coach.

"Google CEO" has the ring of success, huh? A man who's made it. And he has no reason to promote something he doesn't believe in.
We'll, I'm with Eric Schmidt. Whatever you want from life, you're far more likely to get it with coaching.

Coaching is really powerful, for all kinds of reasons, many of which I explain here!

Good luck in all that you do.

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