Friday 30 October 2009

Corporate Clap-Trap

Well, it's dated and quaint, but this Reggie Perrin clip still reflects the degree of nonsense which pervades much of corporate life in the UK.

Most of us endure it. Some of us learn to succeed in it. It seems to have a momentum all its own - un-stoppable an intolerable. My corporate clients invariably see no room for movement, no choices that won't get them fired, and no end in sight. So they feel trapped, and the prospect looking forward seems grim.

I always think it's far more fun to try to smash it up, but then, I always had a rebellious streak. But seriously, whilst the game is already in play when you arrive, there's nothing to stop you from re-writing the rules as you go.

First step is to recognise what's happening, and then to question it. That's all about your NORMS, and this article will explain more.

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