Monday 29 March 2010

How Are Your New Year Resolutions Shaping Up?

So, it's the end of March, spring is here and you're a quarter of the way through 2010.
Now now's a good time to stand back and take stock.

How are those new year resolutions going? Is 2010 the year of change you wanted?
Are you looking forward to the summer with a sleeker, sprightly body?
Are the things you want beginning to show up, and the things you don't receding?

Permanent change in your life is easy when it's thrust upon you.
Divorce, serious illness, redundancy, death - these things happen, and when they do - your life is permanently changed. Easy.

The problem arises when we have a choice. Permanent change is really tough to make through force of will, which is why we usually fail, becoming cynical, sad and defeated in the process.

To push through the obstacles to success requires a whole bunch of stuff which most of us aren't taught and are conditioned to doubt. I'm knocking on a bit now - 51 in August; I spent nearly 20 years in management, learning a lot about people - why and how they succeed or fail, and what to do about it. Then I became a life coach and spent six years helping people succeed in their private lives. The motifs keep arising again and again - and the solutions we've found are universally applicable. Now they're in a book of easy articles for you to dip into whenever you like - or to read from cover to cover. Those articles cover all of the main points in coaching. If you'd like to secure your copy today, for £7.50 (download) or £9.99 (paperback) just click the book cover.

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