Tuesday 17 November 2009

The Secret You Know and I Don't - Will You Tell Me What It Is?

Running a business is a funny old thing, and success mostly comes down to meeting one particular challenge. I often think that challenge this way. The business owner is on one side of a fence; all the potential clients are on the other side of that fence. The challenge is to get them to step over the fence, walk across your lawn, and buy your stuff.

So, you put up a big sign "Great Stuff here on my lawn!" People walk by on the other side. A few glance over. No-one crosses your fence.

So, you get yourself a Facebook profile, you Tweet, you Blog (howdy!), you advertise, you cross-link websites, but still most people don't step over the fence. You look at your products - they're great! You KNOW they work. You look at your prices - they can't be beaten! So WHY DON'T THEY CROSS THE DAMNED FENCE?

One thing is for sure, THEY KNOW. They know what you don't know. They know exactly why they don't cross your fence, walk across your lawn, and buy your stuff. And here's the point. IF YOU KNEW THEIR SECRET, YOUR BUSINESS COULD EXPLODE INTO SUCCESS.

The number one reason people people give me for not buying life coaching is that they they don't want to risk their money because they doubt it will work. My response is simple - there is NO RISK because I give a money-back guarantee.

So if this is your secret obstacle, I just removed it. If it isn't. I'd love to know what is!

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