Tuesday 24 November 2009

Six Absolute Truths for Being Depressed

This is another quotation from Dorothy Rowe's wonderful "Guide To Life". If you are depressed you believe these statements, and as long as you believe these, you'll struggle with depression. Here they are:

1. No matter how good and nice I appear to be, I am really bad, evil, valueless, unacceptable to myself and other people.

2. Other people are such that I must fear, hate and envy them.

3. Life is terrible and death is worse.

4. Only bad things happened to me in the past and only bad things will happen to me in the future.

5. It is wrong to get angry.

6. I must never forgive anyone, least of all myself.

I reckon I have a propensity to think in three of these ways. By paying analytical, critical attention to my thinking, and through other  techniques, I've been able to keep it largely at bay.

I wonder if anyone is completely free of this.

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