Friday 2 July 2010

How can I improve self confidence when I am ugly?

How can I improve self confidence when I am ugly? I am balding and fat?

I am fat and bald and I can't get a girl, whats more I am a nice guy so my chances go right out the windown cause i hear chicks like the vad boy, they like guys who treat them like $hit. My mum didnt raise me to be like that to women.
My Answer:
Bald is IN! You don't say how fat you are, but (a) you can fix it and (b) it needn't be a big turn-off. Remember that women are different animals to men; they are not looking for perfect complexions, delicate features and good symmetry. The whole "UGLY" thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you think you're ugly, you'll behave in reclusive ways (no eye contact, hanging back, being sombre) which will make women ignore you. This will re-enforce your notion that you're ugly - but it's your behaviour, not your appearance which is probably to blame.

I've written a lot more about that on my website - see the source below.

Good Luck!




  1. Be the best version of you ... if you don't like what you see then ask yourself what you would like to see. If you are not bald by choice then ask yourself what are the benefits of being bald? Are you really fat or is your body just out of balance? If you are fat, check out your existing habits, ask why they exist and then learn new habits that will support your goal of a leaner happier you. To focus on what a girl wants is self defeating! She may think she knows and then finds what she gets is not what she wants and then where does that leave you? Focus on you, what you like about you, and upskill to make improvements that work for your own self worth. In turn you will project a brighter, happier man and women do like that! good luck, karen :)

  2. yes, everyone is unique.
    Be our self, hear our inner voice and follow it then we shall be happy always.. Woo Hoo...

  3. Interesting comments. ON the inner voice though... if your inner voice is anything like mine it is NOT TO BE TRUSTED! It tells me awful things which, if respected, would send me scuttling to the dark places. I find this is very common in my coaching practice, and it's something I work on a lot with clients with low self esteem.